Basic Psychotherapy for Teens – How to Build Your Personality

Your body is constantly changing, your mind is opening, and your life is starting to have its own shape. You are not a kid anymore, what is quite traumatic if you think about how easy everything was for you while you were only a kid. You didn’t even need to wear your clothes… Mommy and daddy did everything for you.

Now this time is gone and you want to be an adult. If it were possible, you would simply jump to the future and live right now as an adult because you hate the limitations you have because your age doesn’t allow you to be independent. You want to be an adult, not a teenager.

On the other hand though, it is cool to be a teen. Things are still very nice, besides some alterations in your body and in your mind.

They are nice, but also quite difficult to cope with. Everything at the same time…

Now you have to live alone, decide alone, build your personality, be someone… nothing is simple.

You look at this horrible world full of problems, wars, misery and terror that the grown ups had hidden from you and you feel you don’t really want to live in such a place!

Where are the flowers? The animals and the trees? The river, the sky, the sun, the grass, the butterflies, the worms and the bees?…

The world has become a grey labyrinth.

How are you going to win this battle? What are you going to do? How are you going to get out of the hole and discover the rainbow?

Your personal philosophy of life is going to save you if you’ll be very serious and cautious.

The first thing you have to learn in order to always find your way in your life is that you have to be sincere. This is something general that has to be applied in all fields. Do what you sincerely like and don’t be afraid of the truth, but be very afraid of lies.

You have to be with the truth; otherwise, you’ll have many psychological and many social problems in your adult life. Don’t be an actor! Build your personality based on reality as it is, without trying to distort it.

There are many actors in our world. There are more actors than sincere human beings; that’s why our world is this crazy place where some people kill and some people die, while the others are totally indifferent to what is happening to them.

You must be the one who sees what is wrong and cares about human suffering. You must be the one who sees the truth. Don’t be a hypocrite who pretends not to see what is totally absurd and tries to hide this reality with several tricks.

Be very far away from tricks in your life! Be very far away from lies and from corruption! Be always sincere; live with the truth and for the truth.

This way you’ll build a very strong personality and you are going to save many people in this sad world, many people that suffer very much.

You must build a better world, where everyone will have the basic conditions to live happily. By helping the others, you will be helping yourself.

Your psychological health depends on your sensitivity, sincerity with your social relationships, your objectivity and on the cleanliness of your character.

Always be truthful and don’t be afraid of anything and anyone. The truth is a protection that keeps you connected with reality and doesn’t let you get lost in absurd fantasies.

It doesn’t let you be a victim of the wild conscience inherent in your psychic sphere. This wild conscience is totally violent and it wants to destroy your human conscience.

Dream decoding will also help you very much. This is a translation of the dream symbols, as we translate one language to another. The unconscious that is responsible for dreams provides you psychotherapy through dream messages.

You will have a big advantage if you’ll start interpreting your dreams so early in your life. This way, you will avoid all the mistakes of your psychological type and completely develop your conscience.

Now you are using only a tiny part of it, because the biggest part of your conscience belongs to your wild and primitive side. It has to be transformed into a positive interactive part of your personality to help you live better instead of causing you several problems.

Learn how to interpret your dreams to develop all your capacities and be with the truth, to begin successfully your journey in life, so that you’ll be always fine, without psychological problems, without remorse and without hate in your heart.

You’ll have peace of mind and clear conscience, which will help you be balanced and wise, so that you may find authentic happiness in your life.

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Source by Christina Sponias

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